Impossible really for this case in the last 24 hours (cyclist hits pedestrian in Dalston and flees the scene )not to give me mixed feelings. I have dealt with so many hit and run cases for cyclists over the years and have several ongoing at present. I always do.

Cyclists (and pedestrians ) are disproportionately the victims of hit and runs , so many of which happen after dark when it is easier to flee and there are fewer witnesses around.

I awoke today to the news that the cyclist has handed himself into the police which is great although it was probably only a matter of time before he was located because the image was so strong.

The media love a cyclist v pedestrian story as they did with the Charlie Alliston case and I expect this will assist the campaign for laws to update the ‘ furious and wanton cycling’ charge.

This has also happened on my doorstep , the bike was found dumped a 10 minute walk from where I live.

I hope the media reporting is as fair as it can be and have more faith in the Hackney Gazette and the Standard than I do the nationals.