Yesterday , the HGV driver was sentenced to 15 months for Carla’s death by careless driving which he denied.What stands out in this case is that the driver freely admitted that he occupied the cycle box deliberately, so that he ”wouldn’t be swarmed by cyclists .”

This shows in my view how much the motorists’ mindset needs to change, in the way that drink driving was once socially acceptable. It’s still acceptable socially for motorists to ignore cycle boxes which as the judge said in Karla’s case, are specifically there to protect cyclists, not to make driving easier for HGV drivers !

It occurred to me last night that changing the legal status of cycle boxes to put them on a par with yellow box junctions is one thing we can fight for, in memory of Karla.

Drivers avoid box junctions like the plague since they know it’s an automatic fine, well this same status on cycle boxes would change their behaviour regarding cyclists, and the green boxes could do what they were designed to do, protect and save the lives of cyclists .