Excited about a long cycle to Wimbledon tomorrow for my last day on a brain injury course.13.2 miles Strava says it is from Stoke Newington to Wimbledon. My daily cycle commute is less than half a mile and I meet so many cyclists in my work who travel big distances like 13 miles each morning.

The fitness I’d have if I worked in Wimbledon rather than down the road from where I live !

It’ll be fun to be on a superhighway in the morning , although going against most of the cycle traffic.CS7 covers most of the journey to south west London and is a road I know fairly well. I’ve had two big cases, one still ongoing,  that have come from collisions on CS7 or as we should call them now, cycle ways.

I think the rebranding of cycle superhighways to cycle ways is actually a good thing. Language matters and anything that makes some cyclists feel that it is a race track and a cycle way is only for speed freaks is not a good thing in my view. This will deter exactly the types of hard to reach cyclists that we need to bring with us.

Forecast is good , just need to set off early enough so that my below par fitness can take the journey !