So I cycled to Spurs on their opening night , a fairly wild night of weather that would have deterred a few fairweather cyclists .

But the transport headache that was already bad enough in the old ground were much worse in the new one, the small matter of 25,000 extra fans of course.

Biggest thing I noticed as I approached close to the final whistle was all those running towards Seven Sisters to beat the crowds and this was before the final bell had sounded.The club have in place stewards in yellow near Seven Sisters and railings keeping them all in line , huge signs too PLEASE GET ON THE PAVEMENT . Charming !

I was very surprised to see that there were still queues when I was coming past Seven Sisters,a good hour post match.Shows the scale of the transport issue facing Spurs.

From looking briefly at forums since then, it seems clear that Tottenham Hale may be the best station to head to .The train stations of NP and WHL are mobbed, being so near the ground.

I read as well in the Times of a scary crush trying to transfer from Seven Sisters to the overground pre match.

I’ve little doubt that once many fans experience a constantly awful travel experience , they will see the light ,which doesn’t mean they will start following my team ,QPR , but they will see that arriving by bicycle is a hundred times more pleasant.

Cyclists like myself were in a serious minority but the next month at least will bring better daylight and weather that will be more conducive to cycling to the Lane .