We deal with so many cases where our client , as a result of the head injury , cannot recall how the accident occurred.

Insurers will seek to take advantage of this , especially if there are no witnesses as there are so often are not.

It’s when physical pieces of evidence , eg the damaged cycle,damage to the vehicle, photos of both , and digital evidence, CCTV , Garmin, Strava, take even more importance than they would normally.

It’s also where the work that the police do at the scene of an accident takes more importance than usual.

The input of  a road accident reconstruction engineer can also be invaluable in piecing such evidence together.

Cyclists should not be penalised because of the severity of the head injury they have sustained at the hands of a negligent motorist who can recall what happened perfectly because they were encased in an  aluminium shell .

Helmetted or not, cyclists sustain more head injuries than other road users and it’s crucial that they are protected in terms of making a full civil recovery from the motorist.