Delighted to report a success against the mighty Uber in a claim against one of their drivers. The unusual feature was that it was a passenger , not the driver , who opened the door. Representing cyclists for so long means that we have extensive experience of these cases and insurers of cab companies often try to avoid liability by blaming the passenger.

Our client a lovely Russian lady who organises tea events needed surgery to her finger after the accident and still has a functional impairment .

Great to make a recovery for her after what she had to go through and several solicitors wouldn’t take it on since their view was that the claim would fail.

We’ll be trying to use this success in an ongoing tussle against Addison Lee , on exactly the same facts, and this follows a long hard fought case against Addison Lee many years ago for a seriously head injured client who was knocked unconscious by a passenger opening a door, Addison Lee denied it for years before eventually caving in to sustained litigation pressure.

Cyclists should be just as protected by the law on a passenger opening a door just as much as a driver doing the same thing, indeed possibly even more so since a passenger door flying open is more unexpected.