We finished a claim this week for ,Jack, a software developer client who had a head injury following a lorry collision .He was cycling with friends to go climbing one Saturday near Elephant and Castle when the cycling accident happened.

Like many head injured cyclists, his memory of the accident was hazy and we had real trouble with the Met Police , their investigation was sub standard and this could have affected Jack’s chances of succeeding with his case.

Even more sinister than that was that he was dealing direct with the insurers before he approached us and even though they knew he had sustained a head injury, they were quite happy for the case to be dealt with through a GP report.

Where a head injury , including loss of consciousness has taken place , and where the hospital have carried out a brain scan,the head injured cyclist should be seen by a neurologist ,the wait will be longer and the fee won’t be small but the insurers will pay this fee and it means that the injury will be dealt with properly.

We are accredited by Headway, the brain injury charity,and a key part of that training is to obtain the right expert reports and spend the necessary time with the client in order to look into the case fully.

Thankfully , Jack made a great recovery and the insurers were willing to pay even more than a good settlement to take into account the slightly increased epilepsy risk that he will have in the future.

I use the word sinister about the insurers since from April next year,many clients like Jack will be on their own against the insurers whose financial interests are directly contrary to the interests of the injured cyclist.