I’ve blogged before on this issue, Uber  and Addison Lee passengers opening doors into the path of  cyclists.

It’s likely to be a recurring theme, since they are determined ,and they have the resources of course , to avoid liability for the acts of their passengers.

In a current case, they have inserted an exclusion clause into the insurance policy to escape such liability and now seek to rely on this , after the passenger has been prosecuted for opening door to danger and my client has a broken collar bone.

A further muddying of the waters is whether there is any liability on the driver for allowing/ encouraging the passenger to open the door without warning him of cyclists who might be passing.

Should passengers be made aware that by stepping into one of Uber’s or Addison Lee’s cars that they will be on their own facing legal action, for which they have no insurance, if they try to alight from the cab when they have reached their destination ?

My crusade is to make sure that the cyclist receives something for what he has gone through and what he is left with and that a mighty multi national organisation does not escape liability for a completely forseeable collision.