It’s impossible to focus on anything other than coronavirus at present but a news story tonight almost made me scream !

Derbyshire police have had to tell people to ‘stay local’ to exercise or walk their dog after people are driving to the Peak District for a dog walk.

Now the government have had to confirm the stay local message, appalling that people need to be told that, given we are in lockdown.

But already , I see a chink of light in how things might change in the future,in that people will be more likely to walk , cycle or run near where they live to exercise , walk their dog or do anything they need to.

Today, I was due to present a talk at a Public Health Conference in Bristol on football fans walking or cycling to matches, obviously postponed to September due, ironically , to the public health crisis.

Hopefully, this lockdown will change peoples’ views on how they should move around.

And that’s even before we move on to the reduced pollution…