For many years, I have , through a psychiatric report, made claims for travel expenses for cyclists who are too scared to cycle again after an accident which has caused injury.

This is how Nathalie put it today :

”I’m not sure I’d call my decision not to cycle as a phobia–I therefore don’t think it can be ‘cured’ . As the accident was unavoidable from my perspective, it has made me realise how unsafe the roads in London are while drivers like that are on them and the city’s cycle provision is so crap.

The impact of the accident on my life is not something I want to repeat and so the best way to avoid that seems to me to not cycle on London roads- especially as my commute is an 18 mile round trip.

My job is permanent and I own my flat and have no intention of moving so I don’t see how this will change unless the city’s approach to cyclists changes. ”