Gutted to read a story this week, on BBC Suffolk, that cyclists are being discouraged from the Dunwich Dynamo , still (just) on course for 4th and 5th July.

Having done it four times over around 12 years, and had a wonderful and slightly different experience each time,I’ve been limbering up for my fifth Dun Run in 11 days time.

I had to laugh at this comment of a veteran about Ramadan, the beauty of the event is that it is unofficial ; there is no registration, no tabards and no nonsense— just a simple and beautifully pointless 120 mile cycle through the night from London Fields near where I live and work in Hackney out of London into the villages of Essex and on to the Suffolk prairies for Dunwich at around 9 am on the Sunday morning.

My friends are in two minds and we’ll now have to see if it’s a case of holding back for a year until 2021…