Boris spearheads a push on obesity and all the media want to talk about is that he wrote in a column 10 or 15 years ago that people should eat what they like and no more nanny state .

That isn’t a story. People should be allowed to change their minds on things over a lifetime, especially those who have been at death’s door as Boris has with Covid , made worse no doubt by his size.

The story, in my view, is that the obesity drive says nothing at all about exercise !

I’m sure banning junk foods and cutting some sugar has importance but a fundamental part of health and well being , mental and physical , is daily exercise .

Yes , you can’t outrun or outcycle a bad diet ( I used to think you could !) but this silence on the joy of exercise simply has to change .

Ironically, the only time I’ve ever met Boris is about 15 years ago when I was cycling along Regents Canal, and he was bumbling along on his morning jog.

Two thirds of us are overweight or obese and I want to make it my mission to help do something about this.