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You need specialist help after a cycling accident. We are here to fight for you throughout the legal process so that you do not have to worry about it. You can focus on what you need to, rehabilitating from your injuries, which we will arrange for you. We represent you as fellow cyclists and we totally understand what matters to you.

We are passionate about cycling and we are passionate about doing the best we can for our cycling clients. With over 15 years practising just cycling law, we have the experience and the commitment to address your concerns and achieve the legal outcome you deserve.

Cycling law is all we do. All the time.

  • Call us for a free and confidential consultation. If we can help you, we’ll go from there.
  • You’ll have a tailor-made legal approach to match your unique circumstances.
  • You’ll be kept fully informed and you will always have a real person who is also a cyclist, to talk to about your case.

  • Email: or call us on 0203 735 9652 to begin a conversation.

    What people say?

    Thanks to Cycle Legal’s shrewd moves, I was able to spring back from my injuries, recover my lost earnings and return to cycling again.

    John McManus
    Business Manager, Wiseman Productions

    What people say?

    Following a collision with a van whilst delivering, I was unable to work for five weeks. Cycle Legal helped me recover this loss of earnings. It took a while, but worth the wait.

    Michael Clarke
    Bike Courier, Self Employed

    What people say?

    Whilst out for a ride through London, I was hit by a car skipping a red light. Kevin at Cycle Legal helped me make a full claim from the driver, even though he didn’t stop.

    Lisa Bradford
    Copywriter, RFG Designs

    Cycle Legal makes history as First Ever UK Cycling Law Firm

    The UK’s first ever stand-alone cycle law firm launches this Friday evening, 15 April, at premier London Cycle Café, Look Mum No Hands, 49 Old Street, London, EC1V 9HX

    Cycle Legal based in London at the heart of the UK’s cycling revolution was founded by committed cyclist and specialist in cycling law, Kevin O’Sullivan.

    Kevin developed a cycling law department at his previous firm and has acted almost exclusively for cyclists seriously injured on London’s roads for over 15 years. He appears regularly on LBC on cycling matters with Nick Ferrari on the breakfast show.

    “Cyclists like me enjoy being represented by a firm which only looks out for them, fighting for their rights, and campaigning for safer roads and increased cycle usage across the country. I set up Cycle Legal, since so many of the cyclists I have met and represented have said to me that they do not wish to be represented by a huge corporation, but rather a niche firm that specialises only in the needs of the two-wheeled traveller.

    As a cycling city, London has been transformed after 16 years of two very different Mayors. Boris has built on Ken’s great work, in my view, and the superhighways currently nearing completion will only add to this.

    This political leadership has made cycling safer too. When I started cycling in London over 20 years ago, there were not anything like the facilities there after day, and it was much more dangerous.

    The sterling work by cycling campaigners to make lorries safer has been equally important and that battle is far from over."

    Cycle Legal specialises in representing seriously injured cyclists on UK roads, specialising in brain injuries, multiple orthopaedic injuries and significant scarring cases.

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    The UK’s Only Dedicated Cycle Injury Solicitors

    Cycle Legal only deals with Cycle Injury cases. It is the UK’s first ‘cycle only legal firm, run by solicitor and cycle enthusiast Kevin O’Sullivan.

    Kevin has many years of experience dealing with cycle injury claims, having previously run Levenes Solicitors Cycle Injury Claims Department.

    Kevin is also well known in the media for his knowledge within this field, regularly being called upon for his view on LBC Radio programmes, BBC London News and often being quoted in the Evening Standard.

    In 2016, Kevin set up his own independent Cyclist Injury Claims Solicitors, Cycle Legal.

    Cycle Legal specialises in representing seriously injured cyclists on UK roads, specialising in brain injuries, multiple orthopaedic injuries and significant scarring cases.

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    Cycle to the Lane

    by Kevin O'Sullivan | February 2, 2018 | Uncategorized

    It’s exactly two years since i first suggested to Spurs that the way to tackle the transport nightmare awaiting them when they open their swanky new ground in August 2018 is to encourage their fans to cycle to the ground.

    Since then, dockless hire bikes have exploded in the capital making this idea even more feasible. Lots to work on in the next six months…

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    Kevin O'Sullivan on Cyclists and the Law

    Cycle Legal founder and principal solicitor, Kevin O’Sullivan, is passionate about encouraging change for the better for road cyclists. He campaigns on three key issues affecting cyclists in London and the UK.

    To learn more about the campaigns we support please click here.

    BBC Cycle Legal

    Cycle Legal solicitor, Kevin O’Sullivan helped cyclist Alan Curtis claim £70,000 compensation following a cycle incident with a pothole. BBC News covered the story – watch the coverage.

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    LBC Radio

    Kevin O'Sullivan, Cycle Legal's solicitor, talks on LBC Radio.

    Listen to Kevin's more talks on LBC Radio at Cycle-legal YT channel.

    To know about Kevin O'Sullivan click here.

    In an article, a former client of Kevin writes..

    "As a cyclist who was also hit by a vehicle, I know that signs on the back of lorries are not enough to prevent more deaths"

    Read the article at the Independent

    The London Evening Standard often requests input from the Cycle Legal team in relation to current cycle news events. This case involved a successful claim made for a Cycle Legal client.

    Cycle Legal’s high-profile cases have been covered by the Guardian and the London Evening Standard. To read more click here.

    Cycle Legal is a firm authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, SRA registration No. 62618

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