Case Study 1:
Cyclist Hit By Opening Car Door

Joan, in her early 60’s, was cycling in August 2013 on her way to her voluntary work at Amnesty International when a passenger from an Addison Lee taxi cab opened the rear right side passenger door giving her no chance of avoiding the collision. She hit the door with such force that she was knocked unconscious and was lying prone in the middle of the busy Kingsland Road in Shoreditch. She was taken as an emergency to Royal London Hospital where she was treated for a serious pelvis fracture and severe bruising to the sternum (breast bone).

We obtained very clear footage of the accident from Hackney Council, since we were instructed before the 28 day period when the local authority would wipe footage. The circumstances of the accident were not in dispute but the insurers denied liability on the basis that they were not covering the acts of the negligent passenger.

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Case Study 2:
Cyclist Dragged Under HGV Lorry

Sally (name has been changed ), a multi media producer in her late 30’s, was cycling from her job in Old St to her flat in Streatham in February 2012. She was travelling south on Cycle Superhighway 7. Just south of Southwark Bridge, a HGV failed to allow enough room to overtake her, and she was dragged under the lorry, suffering horrific scarring injuries to her lower legs.

As part of our investigations,we visited the scene of the accident and took photos after meeting with Sally in hospital. She was several weeks in St Thomas’, requiring skin graft operations from the plastics team and extra care from her husband and young children when she was discharged to the family home, a flat on two levels.

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Case Study 3:
HGV Veers Into Cyclist, Causing Fatal Injuries

Hilary Lee was cycling along Barnet High Street on 16 October 2012 when she was tragically killed by a HGV. She and the HGV were travelling in the same direction and the HGV was on her outside when it veered to the nearside to avoid a bus travelling in the opposite direction, causing her fatal injuries in the process. The lorry driver was eventually charged by the police with causing death by careless driving and this matter was heard in June 2014 at Wood Green Crown Court. Expert evidence was given on both sides and the jury acquitted the driver, Mr. Coggin.

Hilary was a retired social worker and her husband, Mr. Geoffrey Lee, is a retired fire-fighter. Geoff instructed us to begin civil proceedings. His hope was that we could proceed to a civil hearing where a civil court would find, on the balance of probabilities, that the lorry driver was negligent in causing the fatal accident. Geoff’s quite reasonable hope was that the lowest standard of proof needed in the civil courts would make a decision in his late wife’s favour more likely. Geoff outlined at the outset that the matter of damages was purely incidental to him, since he was only interested in achieving an outcome that vindicated his late wife.

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