cop 26 , a bicycle shaped climate change solution


Hard not to be aware this last week , and that is surely a good thing of course, and I think there is one day the delegates are focusing on transport but it often feels like there is a big part of the solution that is right under everyone's nose.

The greatest ever invention , the humble bicycle.

A solution to much more than climate change of course, obesity, mental health, fitness,even life expectancy !

Some truly wonderful victories in the last few weeks at Cycle Legal, article to follow.

Specialism deepening in the fascinating area of mild traumatic brain injury .

And another six figure case concluding following a brilliant reconstruction report which for the first time in my experience used the Garmin/ Strava data to devestating effect in the cyclist's favour when Northumbria Police said that it could not be used in legal proceedings , we showed that it could.

Cycle Legal

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