Interviewed live on BBC News and LBC Radio on ''killer cyclists''


Been a busy 10 days or so at Cycle Legal with all the media action because of legal changes afoot (and threatened !) in the cycling world.

Saturday afternoon 6th August I was cross examined  (sorry, interviewed !) by the lovely Sangita Myska from LBC ; this arose from headlines that am about 'killer cyclists' and the need for a law change. There is some sense in this, I said, because the current charges for cyclists come from a 19th century law designed for horse drawn carriages ! So there is a clear need to bring the law up to date , but the bigger point I tried to make is that motorists are of course overwhelmingly the danger on the roads, not cyclists.

Sangita was forcefully making the equality argument, ie , if motorists can be jailed for life for killing on the roads , then surely cyclists should be treated the same?

My central objection to this was that such a draconian move would deter potential cyclists and this is the last thing that society needs in a climate emergency and an obesity epidemic.

I didn't feel that I dealt as comprehensively with Sangita as I should have done , it's rarely easy to resist an equality argument, but was reassured by the producer that I at least contributed to a lively phone in during the hour after my appearance !

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