Number Plates and Tabards for Cyclists! Appearance on the Today Programme


I was invited on to the Radio 4 Today programme on Monday to debate with Mr Loophole ,chaired by Nick Robinson. Most enjoyable.

Number plates for cyclists are not a new idea and I enjoyed putting the opposing argument.

For me, it's principally about doing everything possible to increase cycling rates.

Forcing registration on to every cyclist would deter so many and this would instantly impact obesity, diabetes and an even less active nation.

Mr Freeman's idea was also about each cyclist wearing a tabard (!) so I'm not sure how well thought through it was.

There's also the issue of 'causative potency', a beautiful expression coined by a judge in a case some years back where culpability is greater where there is a clear difference in size between the parties.

Cyclists are very rarely going to injure anyone but themselves, motorists are in a very different category.

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