terrifying close pass and probably for a laugh too


I try to never write about negatives on a bike since they are so obviously outweighed by the brilliant things.

The other day, however , I was chilled to the bone by a car that flew past me inches from my right hand side as I rode along. There was no previous with the driver at all and I was close to the kerb, I didn't even have the chance to have any foreboding, since he simply flew from behind me and was going at about 40 mph in a 20 zone.

The one part of it that I will note for the future is that it occurred on the Stoke Newington one way system, I'm never comfortable on one way roads since so many motorists act like racing drivers and this confirmed it, he was bombing it.

Not just that though, I couldn't help thinking that it was deliberate, just an excuse to put the fear of God into me, sadly he succeeded.

Maybe to have a laugh with his mates in the car I don't know, I just could not fathom how he drove so fast and so close to me when there was so much space for him ,and so much daylight for him to see me.

I've spent some of the last few days googling cycle cameras which is a road I never want to go down and am not even sure that a camera would have caught his license plate given the speed he was going at. Truly terrifying.

Cycle Legal

11 Northwold Road Stoke Newington, London N16 7HL